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Supplemental Birth Preparation Workshop

The Art of Pushing

A workshop designed to help parents break the cycle of fear and mystery around the pushing phase so they can feel confident and prepared to rock this final stage before meeting their babies.

Come learn the secrets to effective and efficient pushing so that you can prepare yourself to push like a pro!

Live on Zoom

Sunday February 25, 2024

3:00-4:30pm PT

$75/ family

**A recording of the event will be made available to all participants**

In this class, you will gain...

…A comprehensive breakdown of the mechanics of birth to help build your understanding of how to support your body’s unique process in labor so that you can enter the pushing phase from a place of power.


… Simple yet effective strategies for cutting down on your pushing time while simultaneously protecting your body for an easier recovery.


…An overview of ways to be preparing your body and mind in pregnancy for the intensity of the pushing phase.


3 game changing techniques that will help you push stronger, with more control, so you can meet your baby feeling like the powerful birth warrior that you are!

Image by Alex Hockett
Image by Olivia Anne Snyder

Topics will include:

  • Basic Anatomy

  • Understanding Pelvic Dynamics and Fetal Positioning

  • Intuitive Movement and Positioning

  • Techniques and Strategies  

  • Methods of Preparing

  • Advocating for Autonomous Pushing

Image by Craig Pattenaude

So if you...

Want to take control of your birth and be the one to decide how you deliver your baby


Are tired of hearing, “oh, it’s just like having a bowel movement”, except that you know it's nothing like having a bowel movement


Aren’t interested in waiting to be coached through one of the most natural and intuitive processes you could experience.


Want to follow your body’s lead so you can push smarter, and not harder.

... then this class is for you!

But if you...

➡️ Don't really want to be proactive in setting yourself up for a successful pushing phase.


➡️ Just want to follow your provider’s lead.

➡️ Have no problem purple pushing on your back.

 ➡️ Aren’t worried about how pushing will affect your recovery and your postpartum experience.

... then this class may not be for you.

Birth is a marathon

Your training starts NOW!


Date:  Sunday February 25, 2024

Time: 3:00pm PT - 4:30pm PT

Fee: $75/ Family

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