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Most classes are offered virtually and a recording will be made available to all particpants once the class has concluded.  

Scholarship spots are available for all class offerings.  Reach out to me at for more information.

Childbirth education tools

Birth Coaching
Private Instruction

Birth coaching calls are available for those looking to have more direct feedback around specific areas of concern.  Common topics include: birthing location consideration, induction planning, early pregnancy planning.  Coaching packages are available upon request.

Calls are billed at $50 for 45 minutes.   Payment is due upon scheduling.


Private instruction packages are structured with a standard curriculum but can be tailored to meet your any specific interests or concerns you may have.  All classes listed above can be taught as private classes for an additional fee.  Reach out for a quote or click the link below to learn more about the standard packages available.

Hi!  My name is Desiree!

Birth Doula | Childbirth Educator | Mother

I am on a mission to help mamas - just like you - 

ditch the fear and embrace the joy of preparing for birth. 


I won’t lie to you, birth is intense.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  In fact, your birth will be one of the most powerful events you’ll ever experience in your life.

And that is really effing exciting!  

All that power, it all comes from inside you! 


Sure, your body doesn’t need me or anyone else to tell it how to go about birthing that perfect little peanut in your belly.  But learning to give yourself over to the process when you are so used to being in control, that is the hard part.  Let me  help you find that sweet spot between knowing and trusting that your body is working in all the right ways that it needs to in order to bring your perfect babe into the world.

Because I believe in you!  And you were made for this!

❤ Desiree | B-earth-Mama


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