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Prenatal Portrait

NEW!!! LIVE Webinar!!!

The Secret to Having a

The workshop designed for families who want to have mind-blowing, soul awakening birth experiences without the debilitating weight of fear and anxiety. 


Join me for a FREE one-hour webinar where I break down 3 simple but powerful strategies for helping families just like yours ditch the fear and embrace the joy that comes along with preparing for the birth of their dreams.

Make sure to grab a fresh notebook and get comfy, because we're going to go DEEP!

Hi!  My name is Desiree!

Birth Doula | Childbirth Educator | Mother

I am on a mission to help mamas - just like you - call BS on the narrative that childbirth is a scary, dangerous process and instead claim their divine right to give birth fully and ecstatically in their own power.


I won’t lie to you, birth is intense.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  In fact, your birth will be one of the most powerful events you’ll ever experience in your life.

And that is really effing exciting!  

All that power, it all comes from inside you! 

I know it can be easy to get lost in the voices that tell you that you should be nervous of the unknowns, that your body can't be trusted and only medicine can save you and your baby . But I am here to tell you that this is Just. Not. True.


And that is why I am so excited to share with you the simple and effective framework I use with all of my birth clients to help them say good bye to that little voice of doubt in the back of their minds and say "HELL YES" to wildly empowering, earth shattering, soul awakening birth of your dreams.

Desiree | b-earth-mama

Pregnant Woman by Birch

In this webinar, you will learn....

 ...How to use your understanding of our own fears and anxieties around birth to create meaningful strategies for coping with before, during, and after labor...

... Tools for intentional and mindful preparation for the intense rollercoaster of emotions that you will experience in your birth journey...

... How childbirth education can fundamentally change the way you think about and experience your birth with this one simple mindset shift...

...The #1 most undervalued tool that will help you level up your birth preparation so that you are equipped to handle anything that arises as you prepare to meet your baby.

Birth is a marathon.

Your training starts now. 

This FREE webinar will be hosted live on two different days, but don't worry!  If you can't make either day, a recording will be sent out within 24 hours of the meeting time.  I've got you covered!

Date:  Wednesday March 27, 2024

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30 pm PT

Date:  Friday March 29, 2024

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm PT

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