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Hi, I'm Desiree!

My mission is to empower all birthing people to reclaim their divine power to birth on their own terms.  As your doula, I seek to nurture your belief in yourself, not only in the birth space, but in the world at large.  I am committed to helping you become the best possible advocate for yourself through education, open communication and affirmation that you are the keeper of your own body and know what is best for you and your baby.


A little about me...

Who Am I...

I am a wife and mother to two beautiful girls.  I am a birth center turned C-section mama, and a VBAC homebirth mama.  I am someone who genuinely cares about protecting your divine right to birth in whatever way you see fit.  My own birthing experiences fueled my desire to dive deeper into what pregnancy and birth looks like in its most natural state.  After having my HBAC (home birth after cesarean) baby, it became clear that birth was more than just an obsession for me.  It was a calling.  It is an honor and a privilege to step into the role of support, advocate, coach and partner to families as they prepare to welcome new little beings into the world.


Why Did I Become A Doula...

I believe in the sacredness of the birth experience.  I became a doula to help educate and empower birthing people as they navigate the process of growing new life and bringing that life earthside.  I am called to bear witness to the physical and emotional transformation that pregnancy promises, and to support birthing people through their journey to parenthood.


What do I bring to the table...

I have personal experience in birth center, home birth, and hospital settings.  Together we can create a plan for the beautiful birth of your dreams in any setting.  This includes the actual birth space, as well as mental and physical preparation throughout your pregnancy.  I am also a bellydancer and an avid mover.  As a belly dance mama, I am passionate about the anatomical transformation of the pregnant body.  In my own pregnancies, I developed a movement practice that centered on optimal fetal positioning while also focusing on making the pregnant body both strong and flexible.  I would love to bring my movement practice into our relationship so you, too, can feel strong and confident in your body going into labor.


When I am Off Duty...

You can find me traipsing around the Bay Area with my husband, our two daughters, and our blue nose pittie pup, Alpha.  At home, I am often in front of my mirrors in my home dance studio practicing yoga or belly dancing with my girls beside me.

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