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What is Bengkung Belly Binding?

Belly binding is a postpartum and wellness tradition that is seen in many cultures across the world.  The Bengkung belly binding practice is one that originates from Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.  The practice involves wrapping the torso with a long cloth and using special knots that run up the front of the abdomen to create a spine that supports uterus and other organs after childbirth. 

What are the benefits of belly binding:

Provides compression, which helps the uterus shrink back down to size;

Reduces inflammation and promotes healthy circulation;

Supports abdominal and low back muscles as your body heals from nine months of pregnancy;

Supports postural realignment after birth;

Takes pressure off of the pelvic floor for healthy pelvic floor function in postpartum and beyond;

Helps reduce aches and pains.

What's in the Belly Binding Package?

  • 1 hour session, usually scheduled within first week of giving birth. This can be done with or without baby. The hour gives us flexibility.

  • Gentle abdominal massage with oils and herbs to promote healing and relaxation.

  • Binding is first performed as a demonstration by the practitioner. You will then have a chance to practice self-binding with hands on guidance. I can re-do the binding before the conclusion of our session, if needed.


Binding material sold separately.

Package price: $150

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