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Prepare to step into your power in BIRTH!

It’s time to let go of your fear of the unknowns and start preparing yourself for the mind-blowing, soul-shattering, Empowered Birth of your dreams!


Knowledge is power, especially in birth - knowledge that supports tuning into your body, following your intuition, and finding your power in the journey, no matter the outcome.


You may not know what to expect, you may not be able to anticipate every plot twist along the way, but you do know that you want to make your birth a magical and life-changing experience.  


So let’s set you on the path to making that dream a reality!

The holistic birth preparation class that centers YOU as the expert when it comes to your body.  


AUGUST SESSION: Aug. 31st & Sept 1st

OCTOBER SESSION: Oct. 19th & 20th

DECEMBER SESSION: Dec. 14th & 15th

*Course is held over two consecutive days. 

Day 1 is a virtual.  Day 2 is the in-person comfort measures and labor positions  lab.

Preparing for an Empowered Birth

Price: $399

Now only $350!


What if I told you that you could have a powerful, transformative, mind-blowingly amazing birth experience, no matter the outcome? 

Because the power is in the process.


You cannot control the outcome of your birth, but you can control how you show up in the process, and that is what “Preparing for an Empowered Birth” is all about - preparing you for the hard moments, the tough decisions, and the changes of plans so that you can experience the triumph and the joy of your birth with absolutely no regrets.

I am personally inviting you to join me Live on Zoom for a deep dive into the amazing process of Preparing for an Empowered Birth where you will…


  • Build a deeper understand of what an “empowered birth” looks like for you;

  • Break down the nuances of physiological birth and how modern medicine can both support and hinder your body’s natural processes;

  • Go over strategies for responding to your body’s cues for a smoother and more efficient labor experience;

  • Practice communicating assertively and effectively with your care team.

  • Fill your labor tool kit with comfort techniques, labor positions, and preparation exercises to give you the best possible chance at achieving the birth you've been dreaming of!

Are you ready to go there with me? 


The course includes:

  • 6 hours of evidence-based instruction to give you a deep understanding of the physiological birth process and all the tools at your disposal to support that process;

  • 3 hours in-person comfort measures and labor positions lab to give you hands on practice at techniques you can use once you are in labor;

  • Group discussion and reflection -based activities to develop strategies for problem solving and risk assessment;

  • Partner exercises to building confidence and connection to help you both get on the same page when it comes to your preferences;

  • Step by step frameworks for building your own daily practice routines so you can prepare your mind and your body for the marathon of birth;

  • Full color PDF course workbook with pages that can be printed, cut out, and packed in your labor bag;

  • Birth plan checklist and template 

  • Digital Educational Resources Guide with my favorite evidence based resources to further support topics discussed in class;

  • Ample time for Q&A.



“…thanks to this course, I was able to advocate for myself and for my son and was able to escape a c-section and have my baby vaginally”




This is the module that gives you a clear understanding of physiological birth and what you can expect from your body.  We will also go in depth into the ways you can support your body holistically, and when needed, with medicinal aides.



This is the module where you break down what an "empowered birth" looks like for you.  We will work through solo and partner exercises, group discussions to help you narrow in on your top priorities in birth.



This module is exploring all the unforeseen possibilities that could arise in your birth journeys.  We'll talk about ways to assess and respond to situations that amplifies your voice and keeps you on track a positive birth experience.



This module is about building daily practices and routines to support your mind and body in preparing for the journey of childbirth.



This is the module where we dive into the real reason why all the other modules are important.  We'll talk about what to expect in postpartum, how to plan, how to set boundaries, and how to carry forward the practices you have mastered in your preparation for birth to support you in parenthood.



This is the module where practice hands on techniques for coping through the intensity of labor.  We will also go over positions for labor and pushing, as well as exercises to preparing your body for birth.

Hi!  My name is Desiree!

I am on a mission to help mamas - just like you - 

ditch the fear and embrace the joy of preparing for birth. 


Yes, I won’t lie to you, birth is intense.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  In fact, your birth will be one of the most powerful events you’ll ever experience in your life.

And that is really effing exciting!  

All that power, it all comes from inside you! 


And the thing is, your body doesn’t need me or anyone else to tell it how to go about birthing that perfect little peanut in your belly.  But learning how to surrender to the process, that is the hard part.


And that is why I created this course. Because having knowledge is absolutely your key to success in so many ways, but the most important thing you should take away from your birth preparation is an unshakeable trust in yourself, in your body, and the overall process of birth.  And that is my goal - to help you empower yourself to birth with confidence.


If you want to set the intention of having a calm and peaceful birth, but you also want to be prepared for when the sh*t hits the fan so you can respond from a place of understanding rather than a place of fear…


If you want to understand all the ways your body is working in labor to birth your baby so you can be an active participant in the process rather than just a passive bystander…


If you want to learn how to read and interpret your body’s own cues so you intuitively guide the decision making process as opposed to simply the following the instructions of a stranger that knows nothing about you, your unique body, or your unique baby.

If you want to opt in for medically necessary interventions with intention because you understand how they support your body’s natural process instead of falling into the cascade of unnecessary interventions because you were advised by a provider who doesn’t trust your body or the process.

Then this class was made for you!

Image by Frank Alarcon

August Session

Perfect for mid-September to October due dates.

Sat. August 31st, 10am-5pm

Sun. September 1st 3pm-6pm

October Session

Perfect for November to December due dates.

Sat. October 19th, 10am-5pm

Sun. October 20th 3pm-6pm

December Session

Perfect for January and early February due dates.

Sat. December 14th, 10am-5pm

Sun. December 15th 3pm-6pm


What topics will be covered in class?

  • Anatomy and physiology of the gestating body;

  • Stages of labor and supporting your body’s progress

  • Strategies for pushing with power;

  • Comfort measures and coping techniques;

  • Breathing and Mindfulness: active relaxation practices for a mindful birthing experience

  • Advocacy: Communicating with hospital staff and taking up space in the birth room

  • Postpartum: Recovery, planning, and transitioning to the next phase.

Will there be a recording?

Absolutely!  A recording of the virtual class session will go out 24 hours after the class ends.  Access to the recording will be available for 90 days.  There will not be a recording of the in person lab.

What if I have more questions?  Can I schedule a call time to go over my specific questions?  

For most questions, I am available by email.  For more in depth questions, I offer 1-on-1 coaching calls and bundled coaching packages tailored to your specific needs.  Just reach out for more information!

This isn’t my first baby and I’ve already taken a childbirth education course.  Is this class still for me?

Yes!  This class will go in depth into the birth process, which you may already be familiar with, but we will also be focusing on ways to use that knowledge to support your body’s progress in labor to respond to possible complications that may arise.  Especially if there were things you would change about your first birth experience, this class would be an excellent supplement to any previous birth education.

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