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Family Planning

NEW!!! LIVE Webinar!!!

So You're Pregnant! what?!

You've got your positive pregnancy test in hand, your pregnancy confirmation appointment scheduled, maybe you even have that prized first ultrasound photo hanging on the fridge... so what now? 


Just because you have nine months ahead of you doesn't mean you have to wait to start setting yourself up for the birth of your dreams.


Join me LIVE on Zoom for a webinar where I break down 7 simple tasks you can conquer in your first trimester that will set you up for a supported pregnancy, an empowered birth, and a smooth transition to parenthood.


This is a practical class focused on the logistics of pregnancy planning and birth preparation for expectant families who are want to put themselves in the drivers seat from day one!  

This is NOT a childbirth education class!

Hi!  My name is Desiree!

Birth Doula | Childbirth Educator | Mother

I am on a mission to help mamas - just like you - 

ditch the fear and embrace the joy of preparing for birth. 


I won’t lie to you, birth is intense.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!  In fact, your birth will be one of the most powerful events you’ll ever experience in your life.

And that is really effing exciting!  

All that power, it all comes from inside you! 


Sure, your body doesn’t need me or anyone else to tell it how to go about birthing that perfect little peanut in your belly.  But learning to give yourself over to the process when you are so used to being in control, that is the hard part.  


And that is why I am so excited to share with you these 7 simple ways to set yourself up for success early on so you can fully immerse yourself in your experience of pregnancy and birth confidently in all of your power!

Pregnant Woman by Birch

In this webinar, you will learn....


...How to craft your vision for your birth and assemble a support team that matches that vision.

... What items to include on your priority checklist to ensure that you have a healthy and supported pregnancy leading up to your birth.

...Ways to build healthy habits that nurture your mind, body, and soul through pregnancy, birth, and on into postpartum.

...The #1 most undervalued tool that will help you level up your birth preparation so that you are equipped to handle anything that arises as you prepare to meet your baby.

Birth is a marathon.

Your training starts now. 


Date:  Saturday January 13, 2024

Time: 12:00pm PST - 1:00pm PST

Fee: DONATION BASED!  Pay what you can (suggested donation $20.00)

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