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Birth Support Services


SUPPORT......... To achieve a birth experience that fits your vision.

EMPOWERMENT...... To advocate for yourself, your family, and your baby.

ACCESS.......... To resources that will help you make informed decisions.

ASSISTANCE.... In preparing for all stages of pregnancy, birth, and what lies ahead.


Fee for Services : Sliding scale $2,000 - $2,400

Quarterly scholarship slots available.  Contact me for details.

Initial Consultation (Complimentary) - 45 minutes.

3 Prenatal Visits - 90 to120 minutes each.

  • Information Session where we will discuss your vision for your birth, review the stages of labor and what to expect in each stage, and go over what you can be doing in the days and weeks leading up labor to help your body and your baby be ready for the journey ahead. 

  • The Dry Run where we will review optimal fetal positioning, positions for labor and pushing, and partner support techniques.  This is a hands on visit where we will try different positions so that they are familiar before the big day.  We will also delve into postpartum care and what to expect in the fourth trimester.


  • Interventions Overview and Postpartum Planning where we go over possible interventions (such as inductions or medicinal pain management), as well as talk about what your expectations for post partum and help you create a plan for when you and baby are settled in your home.  This is most often a virtual visit but can be done in person if that is preferred.

    ** An additional visit may be added as a part of the package if a c-section or an induction is anticipated.

Continuous Labor Support from active labor through delivery.

*** COVID UPDATE*** In person support in the hospital as allowed.  Otherwise, continuous virtual support once you have checked in to the hospital.

Photo and/or Video Documentation of your Labor and Birth (optional).

2 Postpartum Visits - 60 to 90 minutes each.

  • First Visit where we go over your birth story and answer any questions your may have in retrospect.  Topics for this visit are custom fit to your postpartum experience, but typically include recovery care, newborn feeding and sleeping, and settling into life as parents.

    Second Visit where we talk about how your body is adjusting after pregnancy and delivery, how baby is adapting to life on the outside, and any additional support you feel like you need.


Childbirth Education Sessions - - Three additional hours of instruction............$350

Topics include but not limited to: stages of labor, anatomy of the pelvis and ways to proactively set yourself up for childbirth, hospital intervention and augmentation overview, c- section preparation, postpartum healing and planning, infant feeding and care preparation.

Partner Preparation Sessions - - Two additional hours of instruction...............$300

1 on 1 coaching sessions focused on honing your ability to interpret your loved one's labor cues to give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to respond to those cues.

Belly Binding - - One and a half hours, binding not included...............................$175

Session includes a ritual performed with warming paste and light abdominal massage.  Instruction is given during the session on how to self-bind.

Additional Prenatal or Postpartum visits - 90- 120 minutes each ......................$150

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