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Childbirth Education
& Private Coaching Packages



The Monthly Mini Birth Course

September 24 at 2pm PST  - $25/family

The Monthly Mini Birth Course is a childbirth education supplement that focuses on one topic pertaining to birth, birth preparation, and the transition to postpartum. This holistic birth course is designed for those who want to cultivate a deep understanding of the birth process in order to be fully present and in control of their birth experience. Each class will incorporate lecture, guided discussion, and activities for crafting concrete strategies to help you prepare for the birth you envision for yourself.

Register here: Monthly Mini Birth Course - September Session


Bellydance 4 Birth

1 hour movement based class designed to prime your body for birth while deepening your connection to your changing form.  The name of this class is Bellydance 4 Birth, but it is meant to treat the body in all the evolving stages of the childbearing year(s).  Each class will incorporate stretches, birth ball basics, and will culminate in a fun bellydance combination that you can use to aid in positioning and coping in labor.  Stay tuned for more info!

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Virtual Childbirth Education Workshop

November 12, 2023

10:00AM - 5:00PM PST


This live workshop will explore physiological birth from a holistic perspective.  The goal is to help families develop a foundation for their own preferences when it comes to their birth experience, and to arm them with the tools to effectively communicate and advocate for those preferences.  

Register here: Preparing for an Empowered Birth

Private Childbirth Education Sessions


6 hours of private instruction.  Can be virtual or in person.  Topics include:

  • Anatomy of the pregnant body

  • Stages of Labor

  • Fetal positioning and pelvic dynamics

  • Positions for labor & pushing

  • Pain management techniques

  • Breath work

  • Postpartum - what to expect

  • Breast/chest/body feeding

  • Hospital protocols and communicating with providers

Partner Preparation Coaching Session


2 hours of private instruction. Can be virtual or in person. Topics include:

  • Anatomy of the birthing body

  • Stages of labor - myth vs reality

  • Hands on coping assistance techniques

  • Interpreting labor cues

  • Hospital protocols and communicating with providers

  • Supporting the postpartum process


Crafting your Birth Preferences Document


1.5 hours of private instruction. Can be virtual or in person.  Check list of topics to review and sample Birth Plan template provided in advance. Topics covered typically include:

  • Induction and augmentation options

  • Parent and fetal monitoring

  • Pain management

  • Pushing and delivery preferences

  • Golden Hour

  • Breast/body feeding and infant care

  • Cesarean birth

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